EDS offers copper and fiber optic cable placement, splicing and testing services using the latest cost effective technologies.

Cable & Fiber Construction

EDS offers a full range of copper and fiber optic cable placement, splicing and testing services for clients looking for customized telecommunications solutions. We work with small to large companies and organizations to design, implement, maintain and optimize communication networks by adapting existing infrastructure with new technologies within our pathway installation and construction.

Our team is comprised of expert installers, technicians and engineers who work diligently to ensure that each project meets all specifications and exceeds our client’s expectations.

Complete Fiber Optic Splicing:

  • Single and Multimode Mass Fusion Splicing
  • Fiber, Copper and Coaxial cable terminations and Splicing
  • Ability to design Small to Long Haul fiber networks

Complete End to End Testing:

  • Reel Testing
  • Splice Loss Testing
  • ORL
  • Power Meter/Light Source Testing
  • Bi-Directional Testing
  • WDM Testing
  • Connectorization & Polishing of Optical Fibers

Emergency Service Restoration:

  • Prep, clean, strip restoration cable
  • Locate, assess site of necessary repair
  • Splicing of cables (mechanical & permanent fusion)
  • Perform check of system alarms
  • Test with OTDR before sealing closures

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